Paper Sourcing at Hallmark

Hallmark is honored to offer paper greeting cards and other products that help people express what's in their hearts and make meaningful connections with others. It is a privilege few other companies enjoy, and one that underscores the importance of responsible use of natural resources in our operations, including the paper we use for product and business needs. 

We use recycled fiber in many Hallmark greeting cards sold in North America, with as much as 20% recycled content. Beyond that, we specify that paper for Hallmark branded products sold in North America be produced on paper from well-managed forests, as defined by one or more of the major forestry certification programs. Cards are labeled so consumers can make a choice.

The range and complexity of our business needs require that we source paper from multiple suppliers recognizing various certification programs. One outgrowth of this approach is that multiple options can bring more energy, research and perspective to fiber production that helps identify the most important environmental issues and solutions to address them.

We continue to work with our paper suppliers to find ways to increase the use of paper with preferred environmental impacts for products, consistent with our technical specifications, availability, cost requirements and consumer expectations. In recent months we also have expanded the scope of our paper policy to consider needs in non-product operations as we work toward responsible progress in Hallmark's sustainability journey.

For more information about Hallmark's sustainability initiatives, visit the Environmental Responsibility page of our corporate information site. 

Updated 2/4/2015 

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Fun Fact

Eighteen-year-old entrepreneur J.C. Hall founded Hallmark in 1910 with little more than two shoeboxes full of postcards. Read more about J.C. Hall.