Immunization Greeting Card

Through For America's Babies, now in its 20th year, Hallmark provides customized cards to state health departments. The cards convey good wishes on the birth of a baby and include a detachable section where parents may keep the child's immunization record, as a reminder of immunization recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Enrollment in the program varies, but typically between 25 to 32 states and territories participate. Hallmark supplies the cards free of charge, and the state coordinates delivery through hospitals, county health departments or direct mail. We contact the CDC annually to confirm that the immunization record correctly represents CDC recommendations.

The program began in 1995, when a child advocacy organization based in Kansas City, Mo., home of Hallmark's headquarters, approached the company with the idea. The program was well-received in Missouri, and expanded to Kansas the following year. Based on response in these two states and interest expressed by others, Hallmark made a commitment to donate cards to all interested states beginning in 1997.

Updated 2/4/2015

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Fun Fact

In 1915, Hall Brothers purchased engraving presses to begin printing and publishing greeting cards, becoming a manufacturer for the first time.