Humor at Hallmark

Hallmark humor is always intended to help people make emotional connections through shared laughter. Our business is about bringing people together, and our humor teams work hard to help you bring a smile to someone else's day. We try to offer a wide range of humor cards, knowing that not every one will be right for each of your relationships -- but believing that in the hundreds of choices we offer, you'll find some that are right for you and those who share your sense of humor.

Never do we intend to be hurtful or make social or political statements with our products, and we appreciate the feedback when people disagree. Hearing different perspectives of what people find funny, or not, helps us be better at what we try to do every day: help you connect through humor over shared experiences and moments with friends and family.

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Fun Fact

From the mid-1930s through the 1950s, J.C. Hall approved every single Hallmark card, giving his official thumbs up by writing "OK JC" on the back.