Father's Day Cards for Moms (and Vice Versa)

The Mahogany brand is about affirmation, and when we hear we're having the opposite effect, it's time for a change.

In years past, we had a card identified as "To Mom on Father's Day" in our Mahogany line. Based on consumer feedback, we removed this card from the Mahogany line in 2014. Individual stores were asked to remove the inventory, but there might be some stragglers left in the market. The card is no longer being produced or shipped.

For consumers who do wish to acknowledge the role of a mother on Father's Day, we offer "To Mom on Father's Day" cards in our general 2016 Father's Day line and other "Like a Father" options. The Mahogany card line also has "Like a Father" options. These cards are appropriate to honor people in many different roles (neighbors, coaches, aunts and uncles, etc.).

We also offer a "To Dad on Mother's Day" card in our general card line, as well as several "Like a Mother" designs.

Not every card is available in every store that carries Hallmark, so check with your local retailer for availability.



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Fun Fact

Eighteen-year-old entrepreneur J.C. Hall founded Hallmark in 1910 with little more than two shoeboxes full of postcards. Read more about J.C. Hall.