About Hallmark Gold Crown Store Locations

It's exciting when a new store opens, disappointing when an established one closes and often brings up questions about "why?"

Most Hallmark Gold Crown® stores – about 1,650 of the 2,000 stores in the United States network – are privately owned, and owners make business decisions based on their own circumstances. Owning a Hallmark store is rewarding, but hard work too, and sometimes a store owner just wants to retire. Difficult lease negotiations, slowing sales during economic slumps, and changes in the trade area can challenge profitability and lead to a decision to sell or close any store, independent or corporately owned.

At the same time, new opportunities arise and Hallmark seeks strong business people interested in opening new stores. We also look for locations we believe have the population density, mix of other businesses and economic conditions to enable success whether owned by an independent entrepreneur or Hallmark.

A store locator on will help you find the stores nearest to you for the breadth of selection and personalized service you expect from Hallmark Gold Crown. You may also find Hallmark products in drug, discount and grocery stores in many communities.

And if you're interested in owning a Hallmark Gold Crown store, this site will tell you more.


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