Greeting cards offer a cultural snapshot of world events, slang, social norms and design styles that reflect what Americans have experienced over the past century. Check out the Hallmark slideshows below for examples.

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20s Dads: Put 'Er There

Father Times

1920s — Cards were hand-colored before printing evolved, and this one offered Dad a hand as well.

30s Dads: Sweet Ride

Father Times

1930s — This Father's Day card honored the dad who was proud of his wheels.

40s Dads: Hat

Father Times

1940s — Was Dad a fashion plate in the 1940s? Not so much...

40s Dads: All the News

Father Times

1940s — Images of fathers sitting in their favorite chair, reading the newspaper, were popular at this time, and for decades beyond as well.

50s Dads: Great Catch

Father Times

1950s — Hunting and fishing were common Father's Day themes mid-century and beyond.

50s Dads: In the News

Father Times

1950s — Here's a Fifties father getting his daily dose of news along with a Father's Day tribute.

60s Dads: Pip

Father Times

1960s — Dad releases his inner hippie for a groovy Father's Day.

60s Dads: Still Reading the Paper

Father Times

1960s — Again in his favorite chair, with his favorite reading material...

70s Dads: Bowling

Father Times

1970s — Depictions of Dad in pursuit of their hobbies have been popular Father's Day images, like this scene of Bowling Dad...

70s Dads: Golfing

Father Times

1970s — And if he wasn't a bowler, never fear, there were golfing and fishing choices as well.

80s Dads: Golf and Grill

Father Times

1980s — Dad brings home the bacon (or steaks) and cooks it on the grill.

80s Dads: Great Dad

Father Times

1980s — Dad's always been a great guy, and now we're telling him so.

90s Dads: Checked the Oil

Father Times

1990s — Every grown daughter knows that "Have you changed the oil in your car?" is Dad-speak for "I love you."

90s Dads: Relax

Father Times

1990s — Finally! No fishing, no golfing, but a day to relax!

2000s Dads: Mahogany

Father Times

2000s — Dad gets to shine as a helping, loving hand with the family.

2000s Dads: Concentrate

Father Times

2000s — Poking fun at Dad's habits was one of the signs of Father's Day times.

2000s Dads: Music

Father Times

2000s — Music added fun to Father's Day cards as the century turned...

2010s Dads: Recordable

Father Times

2010s — Little ones can sing or speak a special message to Dad with recordable sound cards.

2010s Dads: Nemo Webcam Greeting

Father Times

2010s — It looks like a normal greeting card, but hold it up to a webcam, and see the design come to life on your computer screen. A Father's Day greeting that's a century ahead of where we began...

2010s Dads: Hands

Father Times

2010s — Love you still. Technology may change, but the need for love and connection do not.

Happy Father's Day!

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Fun Fact

In 1915, Hall Brothers purchased engraving presses to begin printing and publishing greeting cards, becoming a manufacturer for the first time.