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  • Shoebox is the nation's number one brand of humor cards and the home of funny at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores and other Hallmark retailers since 1986.
  • In a 2012 EquiTrend study, Shoebox had the second-highest greetings brand equity behind Hallmark, as rated on familiarity, quality, and purchase intent — above all others in the industry.
  • Saturdays cards, found at Walmart stores and in Expressions from Hallmark retailers, share the same creative point of view as Shoebox, and the same team of Hallmark's funniest writers and artists.
  • Shoebox and Saturdays cards are quick, unexpected, casual, conversational, and sometimes edgy. Intended for peer-to-peer, adult sending, these funny cards provide a range of humor styles, from laugh-out-loud to smart to soft for a variety of relationships. They feature relevant, on-trend content, distinctive illustrations, and eye-catching photography.
  • Hallmark’s traditional humor cards, as distinguished from Shoebox, tend to be more slapstick, family-friendly, silly, safe and timelessly funny. The humor is inclusive, easy-to-understand, and positive.

Recently, Hallmark's Shoebox line of greeting cards deepened its rebellious roots with a total brand overhaul. From the logo to the sentiments, the entire collection has been updated with a modern look and features language reflecting today's world in an irreverent and hilarious way.

"Shoebox has always been a one-stop humor destination for funny cards," says Sarah Tobaben, humor creative strategist at Hallmark. "To stay relevant, we made sure to focus the new cards in a way that reflects how people today talk, text, tweet and post."

The new collection can be found at participating Hallmark retailers nationwide as well as online at Hallmark.com. Card prices begin at $2.99. 

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Other Humor News

  • The focus for Shoebox and Saturdays humor cards is on providing continually fresh and funny content for humor fans. No matter how often consumers visit the display, they will find something new, whether it's a collection that showcases the latest design trends, topical references, or unique takes on getting older, friendships, and celebrating.
  • Hallmark's traditional humor cards focus on safer, sweeter, sillier humor with broad appeal, making the cards appropriate for cross-generational sending.
  • Innovation continues to be an emphasis for Hallmark’s traditional humor, including a variety of Cards With Sound and Motion. Traditional humor features a variety of formats, sizes, and prices, which allows for fun and interesting applications of licensed properties, attachments and paper mechanics.
  • The Shoebox line consists of more than 500 cards for birthdays, anniversaries, friendship, congratulations, and many other occasions and holidays.

Related Humor Properties 

  • Maxine — The Queen of Crabby is still going strong since Hallmark introduced the character in 1986. She has more than a million Facebook fans, who continue to seek out her irreverent quips about aging, the workplace, retirement, politics and current events. Maxine cards can be found in the traditional humor line.
  • hoops&yoyo™ — These Hallmark characters – a pink kitty and green bunny – are an international hit. hoops&yoyo are silly, high-energy, and loved by kids and adults. The collection focuses on innovative formats, including Cards With Sound and Motion and "dueling-speakers" cards that let the irrepressible characters talk (or sing!) back-and-forth to each other.  

In Stores & Online

Shoebox cards are available online at Hallmark.com, in Hallmark Gold Crown® stores, and wherever Hallmark products are sold. Saturdays cards are found in Walmart stores and in retailers that carry the Expressions from Hallmark brand. Use the store locator on Hallmark.com to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


Fun Fact

The work of legendary artists and writers like Grandma Moses, Saul Steinberg, Maya Angelou, Andrew Wyeth, Salvador Dali, and Norman Rockwell has appeared on Hallmark cards.