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Hallmark believes that story time is special and offers a variety of storybooks for children that help elevate the experience. From books that play music to those that inspire imaginations and let a child become a part of the story, kids will love reading and discovering new worlds of adventure in the pages of a Hallmark storybook.

  • Personalized Books – Inspire a child's imagination by making them a part of the story and bringing their dreams to life with the new Personalized Books from Hallmark. The books let you add your child's name and make the main character of the book look like your child by choosing the gender, hairstyle, eye color and skin color. The likeness of your child will appear on every page of the book, including the cover. There are 15 different titles to choose from for both boys and girls, including two books available in Spanish, with more titles on the way. Personalized Books from Hallmark were introduced in 2015.
  • Be a Part of the Story® – Hallmark's unique line of interactive storybooks lets kids have a conversation with the storybook's main characters and move the story forward. The Be a Part of the Story collection features Hallmark's exclusive I Reply® technology. When highlighted lines are read aloud, the character chimes in with a special question or choice for a child to answer. Once the child answers, the character responds and the story continues. Your child can help Mickey Mouse on a treasure hunt, Batman capture the Joker, and Cinderella have a special ball. Each book has more than 30 possibilities, so each time you read the book together, it will feel like a whole new story time experience.
  • ColorQuest Books – In these fun new interactive book and character sets, children will love discovering what the character in the book is thinking as they go on their adventures. When the child places the character on a colored spot, the character magically chimes in to talk about what's happening and add to the story. Seasonal titles are available as well as everyday titles including Mickey's Boat Race and Minnie's Island Adventure which are designed to work together. ColorQuest Books were introduced by Hallmark in 2014.
  • Lights On Lights Out Storybooks – Lights On Lights Out Storybooks are a gentle bedtime ritual that encourages readers to help story characters go to sleep by prompting the reader to turn out the lights. Each book features a scene at the top with lights that you can turn on and off at the press of a button. Each button turns off the corresponding lights in the display, and once all the lights in the display are off, a magical glow appears for a few minutes while the child falls asleep. Titles including The Dream Machine and Nighty-Night Campsite add a bit of magic to bedtime. Lights Out Storybooks were introduced in 2015.
  • Musical Puzzle Stories – Combining stories, songs and puzzles, 3 of children's favorites, Musical Puzzle Stories delight children and parents alike. As mom reads the story, the child selects the correct puzzle piece to place on the corresponding page in the book. When the puzzle piece is inserted, the character sings a portion of the song and helps to move the story along. When the last page of the story is read and the last puzzle piece is placed, every character joins in to sing the finale. Titles include Spaceman Dan's Adventure, Maddy & the Undersea Sparklefest and The Noise at the Top of the Tree. Musical Puzzle Stories were introduced in 2015.
  • Recordable Storybooks from Hallmark – Even if grandpa lives in another state or mommy is away at work, children can share meaningful moments with their loved ones by reading with them – whenever or wherever they want. Exclusive voice-capture technology enables a person to record each page of a book and have it played back over and over as the recipient turns the pages. The recording will not be lost, even when the batteries need to be replaced. There are currently more than 20 different Recordable Storybook titles including literary classics like Guess How Much I Love You and Goodnight Moon as well as Hallmark original titles like That's What Grandmas Do! and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. There are also seasonal titles available. Hallmark introduced Recordable Storybooks in September 2009 and consumer response to the initial offering was so strong that they virtually sold out.
  • Seasonal Picture Books – More than stories, Hallmark Gift Books are meaningful ways to show your loved ones you know just what they need to hear. Hallmark creates traditional seasonal books at Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas that pair nicely with other gift and plush product year-round.
  • Touch Sensitive Books – Inspired by the intuitive nature of touchscreen technology, Touch Sensitive Books allow children to use a swipe of their finger to interact with the book's pages. When they swipe along the arrows of each page, children will hear fun sounds that bring the action of the story to life. Touch Sensitive Books Intergalactic Treasure Hunt and Ava the Animal Rescuer! were introduced in 2015.
  • You're the Star™ of the Story – Any child can be a superhero with You're the Star of the Story Book and Costume Bundles. Whether kids read the books together with mom or dad, or spend time in pretend play, these books and magic capes make reading and play a lot more fun. The interactive cape medallion responds with sound effects and music when highlighted phrases in the book are read or the catch phrases are said. You're the Star of the Story was introduced in 2014.

In Stores

Hallmark Gift Books are available online at Hallmark.com, at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide, and at many other retailers that sell the Hallmark brand. Use the store locator on Hallmark.com to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


Fun Fact

From the mid-1930s through the 1950s, J.C. Hall approved every single Hallmark card, giving his official thumbs up by writing "OK JC" on the back.