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  • Sales of thank-you cards and notes spike in December and January, fueled by holiday gift-giving.
  • Consumers cite a variety of reasons for sending thank-you notes including: Christmas, birthday, graduation, wedding, and new baby. People also send thank-you notes for social gatherings, volunteer service and sympathy sentiments.
  • Sending thank-you notes is a common business practice as well. Thank-you notes are considered an important tool after job interviews in securing new positions.
  • Many people keep thank-you notes on hand to have ready when someone does something nice for them.

Product Features

  • Hallmark offers packaged thank-you notes for general expressions of thanks, as well as for occasions such as weddings, new baby gifts and graduations.
  • Thank-you cards and some imprinted boxed designs are also available in the custom printing sections of Hallmark Gold Crown® stores.
  • Blank note cards in a variety of trendy and traditional designs do double-duty as thank-you notes.
  • In addition to packaged thank-you notes, Hallmark offers individual thank-you cards within many Hallmark card lines for special messages of thanks. Some offer general messages of thanks, while others thank specific people, such as teacher, mentor, day care provider, coach, dog sitter, and those in the military.
  • Thank-you cards and packaged notes with holiday designs and colors are available in December and January.
  • also offers a variety of cards and e-cards to express thanks and appreciation. On, you can upload photos and create customized messages to be featured in a paper card. Hallmark will address, stamp and mail your thank-you cards for you.

In Stores

A selection of thank-you cards and notes are available at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide and wherever Hallmark products are sold. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.

Fun Fact

In 1915, Hall Brothers purchased engraving presses to begin printing and publishing greeting cards, becoming a manufacturer for the first time.