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  • Industry-wide, more birthday cards are sold each year than individual cards for all holidays combined.
  • About two-thirds of birthday cards are mailed, according to Hallmark research.
  • Children's birthday parties are increasingly important, especially party themes. Hallmark partyware featuring licensed character designs are top sellers.

Birthday Card Features

  • More than 2,600 Hallmark birthday cards are available.
  • Cards address a variety of relationships including spouses, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, stepfamily relationships, and friends.
  • Hallmark also offers birthday cards for other special people including twin, pastor, priest, godparents, godchild, teacher, secret pal, co-worker, and more.
  • Some cards are for unique situations such as half-birthday, mutual birthday, leap-day birthday, and birthdays that fall on holidays.
  • Some cards wish “Happy Birthday” to the family pet or can be sent to the birthday person from the family pet.
  • Specific cards mark children’s ages from 1st through 10th, as well as milestones including 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 65th and in five-year increments through 100th. In 2009, Hallmark improved and expanded its collection of milestone birthday cards in response to consumer research that revealed:
    • Some consumers preferred milestone birthday cards that talk in general about the life stage without mentioning the age.
    • When attending milestone birthday celebrations, guests often are told not to bring a gift, but they still want to bring a little something. Hallmark introduced cards that can act as small gifts, such as a card with a wine glass image and a detachable wine charm.
    • Milestone parties often pay tribute to the birthday person with slide shows or posters that show pictures through the years. Some new cards enable the sender to add photos and have space to write memories.
  • Hallmark Signature Collection – Hallmark introduces a new offering of handcrafted everyday greeting cards called Hallmark Signature Collection. Each card is designed with beautiful papers, rich textures, and just the right embellishments.
  • Here are some of the ways people are able to create unique and personal connections through
    • Print-on-Demand Cards – These are cards the consumer can customize with their own messages, photos and sound clips. Each card has text included that can be left as is or altered completely. Hallmark even provides message ideas to get the ball rolling. Once the card is personalized, Hallmark professionally prints the card and can even stamp and send it to the recipient.
    • Photo Cards – These Print-on-Demand cards have a space for you to upload favorite photos right into the card, making it perfectly personalized. Introduced in 2007, consumers upload their photos from their computers or online photo-sharing site and place them on the professionally-designed Hallmark greeting card of their choice. The cards can be personalized with the sender’s own message or a variety of Hallmark-recommended messages.
    • Invitations – Available for every type of celebration. Once consumers finish their designs, Hallmark professionally prints the cards and either sends them to the person who ordered them, or Hallmark can address, stamp and send the cards directly to the recipients on any date the sender chooses (future dating is available).

Other Birthday Products

  • Hallmark Confections
    • Birthday Novelty Tins: Two designs – “Hippo B-Day to You!” or “Hoppy B-Day to You!” – of colorful tins filled with treats make a sweet birthday gift
    • Birthday Truffle Box: A colorful slice-shaped box filled with chocolate truffles reads "Happy you were born!"
  • Baby’s First Birthday Gift Collection – Celebrate the big birthday in style with a variety of products available in both, pink for girls and blue for boys, including 1st Birthday Bib, 1st Birthday Hat and 1st Birthday Frame.
    • The 1st Birthday Cake Techno Plush is also a great way keep the celebration going long after the actual cake has been eaten.
  • Birthday Gifts from Hallmark Collections – Whether it be hoops&yoyo, Peanuts or Maxine, this birthday gift collection features sound buttons, party hats with sound, books on aging with humor and sentiment based figurines.
  • Hallmark Gold Crown® stores always offer an assortment of gifts appropriate for birthdays including Instant Scrapbooks, photo frames and albums, candles and home décor accents, gourmet foods and candies, Hallmark Gift Books, and other items.
  • Hallmark Gold Crown stores offer the most extensive collection of birthday gift wrap, bags, boxes and trims for presenting special gifts. 


Celebration History

No one celebrated birthdays before 4000 B.C., because there was no way to keep track of time. People could figure out how old they were only after the calendar was invented, but only kings celebrated birthdays then because no records were kept on the births of common people.

Even after the Greeks began to compile statistics for tax and military purposes, only heads of important families were allowed to celebrate their birthdays.

Today, people around the world celebrate birthdays with cakes, candles, presents and cards, which became popular in England and the United States around 1850, shortly after the first Christmas card.

In Stores

Hallmark birthday cards, gift wrap and partyware are available at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide and wherever Hallmark products are sold. A variety of gift items also are available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


Fun Fact

The work of legendary artists and writers like Grandma Moses, Saul Steinberg, Maya Angelou, Andrew Wyeth, Salvador Dali, and Norman Rockwell has appeared on Hallmark cards.