Supporting Our Troops

Ft. Bragg SoldiersNo one knows better than Hallmark how important it is for those who serve in the military to stay connected with loved ones at home.   

That is why we donate cards, recordable storybooks and other products to organizations that work through security requirements of the Department of Defense to distribute to all branches of the military.  

The Kansas City-based VFW Foundation is a longtime partner in distributing cards and other products to those who serve abroad as well as families here at home. Support Military Spouses and NC Packs for Patriots are other organizations we partner with as well.

We also have participated in the American Red Cross “Holiday Mail for Heroes” program, donating cards for others to send messages of appreciation and also making patriotic cards available for Hallmark employees in all facilities to sign and send, through the American Red Cross program, in recognition of their service to our nation.  


Fun Fact

Eighteen-year-old entrepreneur J.C. Hall founded Hallmark in 1910 with little more than two shoeboxes full of postcards. Read more about J.C. Hall.