Human Services & Civic Assets

Zoo VolunteersWe all want to live in communities with quality services. Where people of all ages and backgrounds care for others, civic assets offer cultural and educational resources for the enjoyment of all, and where there’s a strong infrastructure of basic institutions and services, especially for people in need.   

It’s our goal to help create such communities by investing both financial and human resources to support quality of life and economic development in the cities and towns where Hallmark employees live and work. 

A few examples:

  • Hallmark has supported United Way for more than 60 years and is the largest United Way donor in Kansas City. In 2015 the company and employees together pledged $2.1 million to the Kansas City campaign, which supports some 150 human service agencies. 
  • Hallmark’s manufacturing and distribution facilities in Kansas, Illinois and Texas support United Way drives with financial and volunteer contributions and are often at the top of the list of donors in their communities, too. 
  • Liberty Employees CANstructionEmployees volunteer each year for community projects in a “United Way Day of Action.” They weatherize and repair homes in low-income neighborhoods for “Christmas in October,” and they spread mulch, plant flowers, paint fences and otherwise spruce up the zoo in Kansas City during “Wild Saturday at the Zoo.” 
  • Hallmark plans its corporate-wide food drive to coincide with summer vacation, when children in food-insecure families can’t count on school lunch for a square meal. Partnering with food banks in Hallmark’s hometown communities, in 2015 Hallmark employees contributed non-perishables and cash equal to 280,000 meals for needy families.
  • Blood DonorMore than 400 pints of blood a year are donated during on-site blood drives by Hallmark employees who help make us one of Kansas City’s most reliable corporate sources of life-giving blood. 
  • A partnership with Kansas City’s Salvation Army helps Hallmark get product donations to the non-profit groups who can best use them. Shipments of surplus products from our distribution center in Liberty, Mo., are sent to the Salvation Army warehouse where they’re sorted and stored, ready to be chosen by other non-profits invited each month to “shop” (at no cost, of course) for items their agencies can use.